Heading back to Mayo

I’ve received a few messages asking whats up. I honestly have been avoiding my response about it. I just wanted to set more things in stone before I get the avalanche of follow up questions going. No I’m not complaining about questions. People have to understand I get a lot of them and still have zero problems responding to them.

July 23rd I have an appointment back at the Mayo clinic in Rochester. Admittedly, I wanted to wait for one more scan in August but I’m extremely uncomfortable physically and wanted to get in. The oncology department at Mayo were also the ones that wanted me to come back after 6 months and it is 10 months now. They wanted me to come back because they thought that there could be possibilities for surgery/radiation to removed one or both of the very large tumors. The amount of things coming out from Mayo right now concerning late staged tumors felt like a good time to book it and roll the dice. They are on the front edge of most cancer treatments so what the hell am I going to lose besides gas money? I’m not expecting much of anything truthfully because this current time through it is a huge pain in the ass compared to the previous two fights. Although, if anyone is a perfect candidate for these extremely new and experimental treatments it’d probably be me. It is still a move to prolong things just like it always has been, so like I said I’m not really getting my hopes up. Currently, I’m doing good. I still have chemobrain and anxiety issues but some days are really bad and others not so much.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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