Another Update 04/03/2015

So it has been relatively quiet on my health front. My previous scan that I thought I wrote about and didn’t turned out absolutely fantastic. The largest tumor has remained the same size and the second actually shrunk. Its not supposed to shrink at all. I’m not on chemo or anything. I’m just drinking a ton of green tea. Its odd. I’m depressed, confused and mentally lost a lot of the days. Attitude I believe effects the body more than what you ingest. If you keep your whits about you and informed you have a better chance at extending time.

With all of the new documentaries coming out on killing cancers my attitude fluctuates. Its weird. I’m super stoked that these scientists and doctors are able to develop and test these “cures” in a lab. To see people taking the chances despite in very very small quantities is fantastic. The FDA pisses me off though by holding back a lot of these treatments for more study. I would take a blind shot if I could which leads me to frustration and confusion. Why are they not extending these trials to other kinds of cancers if in labs they are killing them? I also become more pissy because I know that Angiosarcoma will never be cured and it probably isnt even being looked at in these immunovirus vaccines. Here I am test me! I’ve been dealing with this shit longer than anyone ever before. Argh it just makes me livid. Why!?! Why don’t I get to have something to take a stab with? I mean I’m glad they are working with Glioblastoma a sarcoma a believe. I mean atleast its in the family despite being completely different. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Right now we are in the what if stages of planning for possibilities. Its kind of dumb but the oncologists don’t want to talk about radiation options until we go through one more scan at the end of May. Realistically, they don’t want to get my hopes up because everything is so bleak. Although they do know I have an extensive history with cancer. June is going to be a huge month for me pretty make or break. Once again. Its a never ending cycle. If anything it’ll be more waiting around so I’ll get to watch a ton of baseball.

Next week Thursday I have an appointment with my cancer shrink so maybe I can decompress more.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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