Hey Im still alive! 01/14/15

Hey yall,
Yes, I’m still alive and kicking it. A lot has been happening as of late. I just moved into my folks new house outside of Madison. It has been great. I basically have the basement to set up as a man cave. I’ve been really tired and beat up from over doing it, but shits gotta get done. More rehab appointments have been made and they have been fantastic. I’m starting up with the UW cancer psychologist again soon. Just trying to get back into the normal swing of life again. It’s been easier to move along acting like nothing is happening as of late. While there is still quite a bit of pain and severe aches the management of it has been fairly par for the course. I feel good though. Compared to the first month off and time on chemotherapy I feel like a Billion dollars. I haven’t been on Chemotherapy since I stopped in August. Another CT scan was taken at the end of December. Results were positive for knowing this is a terminal condition. The next step is another CT scan at the end of February or beginning of March. If only the one tumor that on the previous 3 scans has grown then we will do nothing and scan again in 3 months. If that scan has the same result then we will attempt Radiostatic surgery/chemotherapy. I will lose more lung function but it will allow me more time to actually live life. Now if the next scan has changed to more than just the one tumor we will proceed right away with doses of Gemcitibine until it stops working all together. I did see one of my oncologists, Dr.Kozak. He completely agreed with my assessment of the next steps and also the suggestions of UofM and Mayo clinic which were identical to mine. When the Gemcitabine stops working its on to Prozapanib and really being sick. Basically I’ve got to enjoy what I’ve got left in the tank. Do yourself a favor and look at your life as say, “I’m so happy to be healthy”. Also I know that I complain a lot about a lack of sleep, insomnia and anxiety. The good part is a lot of that has subsided for the time being. Things are good despite some obvious hiccups. My memory is still absolute trash.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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