Chemo withdrawal and viruses 10/10/14

I have had a blog all typed up and saved but I decided to scrap it and start anew. Most of my chemo withdrawal symptoms have subsided. I am still dealing with chemobrain(not as heightened) and extreme fatigue on a normal basis. I had dealt with a viral infection for roughly five days, but I am in the clear now. So today I actually started to get the part of the after effects that I hate the most…….nausea. It isn’t like normal nausea though. For example I could be standing somewhere and get this dizzy feeling out of nowhere and awkward tingling in the shoulders then it subsides. Outside of that I’m feeling rather fantastic now. I’m only taking a few pills now as well. Plus adding in my two types of inhalers I am kicking some pretty good ass now. I feel great though and it is a much needed break from getting the crap kicked out of me.

During this break there are a few things I’m trying to accomplish. 1. Kicking soda. It has happened before for quite a while too, but its tough. 2. Trying to do nothing, but water and one of my 4 types of teas (buy teas. They are the best for your body. Absolutely pure). 3. Getting out and walking more. 4. Seeing more doctors for opinions. I have two set up in Minnesota. One at Mayo in Rochester and another at U of M. 5. Try to see as many friends as possible between Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. 6. Get to some hockey games AHL and NHL. 7. See my friends in some rock bands Black Veil Brides and For All Those Sleeping. Who doesn’t need a good rock show, right? I got tickets for Girl on Fire, Snot, 12Rods and Steel Panther. It’ll be fun. 8. Work on my ttm letters to ball players. My hands are holding up well and I’m forgetting some words. Otherwise its a chore still, but improving slightly. I can’t really argue because of the alternative.

With all of this time off I’m hoping to be completely renewed and strong enough to get back and kick some ass in treatment. By really hammering down the right vitamins, limiting the drug intake, and pounding water my veins should in theory open up a bit more. I’m hoping so otherwise I have to make a pretty big choice in whether to keep getting stabbed, put in a PICC line or go back to a port (which almost killed me before). Not a fan of any of those choices.


Author: itsjuicetime

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