Feeling good 09/11/14

Just a quick update.

I am doing pretty good this week. A bit more energy. I have had moments where I totally crash, but they have been much fewer in frequency. On Tuesday I went to a concert at The Rave here in Milwaukee. I saw The Offspring and Bad Religion. I went not feeling too hot considering it was the day after getting dosed. I felt OK most of the time but the humidity in the room did get to me a bit. So I sucked on my inhaler a few times. The predisone tablets I got for the inflammation in my lungs seem to be working. I’m not hacking up stuff and that has probably led to me having a bit more energy. At the show I was a sweaty mess though. If you have ever had or dealt with people that have had chemotherapy before you know the nastiness of chemo sweats. Anyways, next week Monday is my last dose of Gemcitabine for a while unless the tumors start to grow again. We gotta get through a CT scan at UW Madison in two weeks first though.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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