Hey all 09/06/2014

Well plenty of little things to update.
-I am down 4 lbs so hopefully that is the water weigh starting to piss off.
-October 21 and 22nd I have a Mayo clinic appointment in Rochester, MN. Big news I know, but I dont want to get built up for it yet while I still have two more chemo doses to get beat up with.
-I also have an appointment at the University of Minnesota with Keith Skubitz. I have a checkered past with him. Back in 08 he told me there was nothing I can do to win. Its set me off and he wasn’t too happy with me either. So my oncologist and him have talked about it and they both think I should go back so we can talk and go over “outside of the box” ideas that I have always taken instead of the basics. October 23rd is the date for that.
-I will have a chemo break coming up in 2 weeks assuming the CT scans are perfectly fine. I know they will be.
-As for my lungs……..They are still shitty. The choking at night has become a here and there type thing since the last time it occurred. Now I am on predisone to try and let the lungs become uninflammed. They think that I am having issues because of that. Lung inflammation just happens and especially to those in my situation. When the lungs are inflammed you have a larger chance of coughing up tons of mucus. Its like when you get a chest cold. All of that gunk comes out from inflammation of the lung and bronchials.
-It was suggested that I invest in a room air purifier and a dehumidifier. We actually have a dehumidifier that now runs almost 24/7 and my “Uncle” Tom had one from left over from when his mother passed on this past year. I know it kicks ass because she had huge lung issues all of her life. I have ran it for about two days and I can tell a noticable difference already. I’m still coughing, but that is going to happen until the day I die.
-Chemobrain has me all fucked up still too. I can’t remember shit. I barely remember being at the Packers last preseason game and the wedding I attended. It really makes me mad and super frustrated. It will more than likely only get worse as the chemo doses get worse. Pretty shitty and I hope none of you that read this ever have to go through it and its symptoms.

Overall, I am relatively crabby and amazingly drained of all energy. I am just glad I can watch football on the weekends and baseball on the weekdays to occupy my time. I atleast have something in my life to look forward to. Hell, outside of a handful of people who text and email me I wouldn’t even know that I had friends anymore. All part of growing up and having to live with what cancer does. You know destroy everything around you. I’ll be back later to type up random shit.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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