Week off of chemo 8/25/14

Well, it is my week off of chemotherapy. Its a really good thing for a few reasons. My chemobrain is getting really bad and difficult to deal with again. Also, my veins are just not liking me anymore and closing themselves from being used. Finally, this break means I have one more 3 week cycle left then five or six weeks off as a chemobreak. I’m really looking forward to it because these 2 completed cycles have kicked my ass something special. I’m trying to get up and get going most days but, my body is always so physically worn out. It has become an absolute chore to get up and do the basic things in the day. I hate this so much because it makes me feel like I’m just sitting around waiting to die. So the depression and anxiety have been running wild lately. Knowing I have these issues pisses me off so much because it isn’t like I can flip a switch and they will end. So I try to keep busy. Keep in mind being so physically exhausted I can’t get out of bed most days makes it hard to do things at all. So right now I’m in a difficult spot. During this week off though it should lighten up and allowing me to be more active.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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