Port/PICC line/Needles 08/19/14

So I had chemotherapy yesterday. My veins are not recovering and agreeing with the nurses and I. They get in there and the needles just wont get into the veins. I take Lorazepam in the evening before I go into the hospital for treatments because my needle anxiety has become so extreme I have nearly fainted in the chair. After this next cycle of three weeks I will have to make a decision about inserting a port into my body again. I am absolutely terrified of them. The last port I had almost killed me. Whomever was looking at the x-rays of my chest over the years didn’t see a long tube that broke, got stuck and grew into my vein in my neck. I complained all of the time of my blood pressure being goofy and they couldn’t figure it out. Then I went back in to get and x-ray to determine whether or not I had pneumonia(which I come down with twice a year religiously). This was all over a period of 3 years that I had the port in my shoulder/neck area. Well some technician saw it and told my oncologist who said it had to come out right away. It was a Friday so the procedure was scheduled for Monday morning. They said if it got to the heart it would more than likely get stuck and possibly kill me. So flash forward to that Monday morning. They laid me butt naked on a table with a live xray machine running over top of me. They saw that the tube moved through my heart into my lung which was even worse and making the procedure even longer. They took a long tubed camera with a hook on the end and ran it from my groin up into my left lung and pulled the 4 inch tube out. During the procedure i was awake, but heavily doped up. I was able to watch most of the procedure on the TV screens. Which was freaking rad. They hopped me up with tons of anxiety medications, so I was relatively calm the whole time. Afterwards, they wheeled me into a room and had to wait 4-5 hours with pressure on my groin to make sure I wouldn’t bleed out or rip anything. I was extremely sore for a few days, but my body regulated my blood pressure almost instantly. After knowing I could have died from that puts me a little on edge about the addition of a port to my body again. The other option is a PIC line and I do not trust myself not to rip it out on accident at some point. Especially, since I am more active than most cancer patients. Plus, with my history of completely odd and random things that happen to me medically I would probably wind up with a moldy line, infection, or one that just sucks. All signs point to a port again and I’m just not going to do it despite my absolute fear of being jabbed every time in. I still believe that my veins will recover a bit more over the month long break. I am changing my diet a little and really eliminating sugars again. I’m also back to a gallon of water a day. So hopefully that will aid in a quicker recovery time. If curious about what any other items I mentioned are take a quick look at the links I have listed below.

Lorazepam: http://www.drugs.com/lorazepam.html

What are PICC lines?: http://picclinenursing.com/picc_why.html

What are ports?: http://lookingforcure.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=103:use-of-port-a-cath&catid=42:chemotherapy&Itemid=55


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