Been awhile. 08/15/14

Well I have been crazy busy and not able to update this from my phone. My phone is pretty much on its last leg. It works when it wants to. hahaha technology. No excuse though. Things have been pretty up and down. I’m still having my good days where it seems like things and just sluggish, but then there are the bad days where the wheels feel like they’ve fallen off of the truck. Currently, I am doing fairly well according to the scans. Two more tumors shrunk and the rest are holding still. My lungs though are getting worse in the sense that I’ve developed a small cough. There are three possible reasons for this: 1. I have asthma. 2. The cancer is in the bronchials. 3. The residuals left from my radiation treatments are still lingering. Regardless, it sucks and will wind up sticking with me for the rest of my life. Talk about annoying.

As some people know I live in my folks house. Well, they finally sold their house and couldn’t find anything they liked to purchase and are still out there looking. We wound up moving all of our stuff into storage a month ago. I now am living at my grandmothers house until my folks find a house they like. Come Monday mornings I drive into Janesville for the day and get my treatments. Its an hour and a 15 minute drive each way. Kind of sucks. By the time I get back though it is time for me to eat and pass out so the timing is a bit convenient.

I haven’t really been doing much of anything to help improve my health. I can’t go to the gym so I go for walks. I haven’t made or brewed the Essiac tea in months, the natural ground up green tea powder i haven’t had either, and I haven’t really cut down on my soda intake. This will all change when I can afford to purchase it all in a week. Some times people don’t understand how expensive it is being a cancer patient. Explains why I live in a basement lol.

OK I gotta run. I’ll update more later.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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