Well here I am again kind of nervous but ready to go on another round of chemotherapy. The redundancy is rather annoying but its what I got to do. I have talked to Kozak again and he is going to help me get into Mayo Rochester to see if there is anything new or cutting edge to attempt down the road. He is also taking my case to the tumor board again. The tumor board is where top oncologists around the country sit in and get my case without my name mentioned and discuss which direction they think I should go and what my current plans are. With that said I am contemplating going back to see Keith Skubitz. He is a specialist in the angiosarcoma/sarcoma field at the University of MN – Fairview. He is a real outside the box thinker according to Dr.Kozak. Thats pretty much what I need at the moment.

Other than that My anxiety and depression has come back to really kick my ass so I went back on Effexor last week. I can feel myself evening out a bit. My speech had taken a really bad hit again as well. Forgetting words. Repeating myself. Forgetting things. An inability to follow directions. Hopefully the Effexor helps out again.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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