Back to cancer work 04/30/14

Well I had a 5 week break and decided that was good enough for me to get going again. Last week I had a CT scan and the results were as good as they could have been. In my unfortunate case The tumors are not supposed to shrink anymore. All 8 tumors held steady with no changes and I have had a build up of scar tissue over one in my sternum. Undertermined if that is good or bad at the moment. I feel relatively good considering but I also stopped taking every pill and medication they gave me. SO I cleaned myself out. Now that I am starting out again the symptoms are also more prominent but not as bad as before. I feel like hell but if I slow down then the cancer wins.
So What have I been doing? I have been at every Beloit Snappers home game this year. I’ve gone on a small road trip to South Bend to see Braden Shipley pitch (and he was awesome). I also saw and met Clint Frazier in South Bend as well. Super nice guy and takes time with every fan. Pretty awesome and grounded for a kid if you ask me. Past that Nothing much has been happening. Laying low really. I have received more TTMS and IP autos so bare with me in finding all the photos of them.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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