On Break 04/05/14

Well I am on a 3 week break. The CT showed that nothing grew at all. It just is holding steady which is exactly what we want. So hopefully nothing changes over the next 3 weeks and I can just enjoy it. When my 3 weeks are up I will have another CT scan and possibly a week or two off after that assuming it is good. So what have I been doing? Well not much really. My father and I went to the last Brewers exhibition game at Miller Park and had a great time. I’ve also went to the Beloit Snappers home opener the other day. I’ve also hit up the gym a bit trying to lose all of the water weight I’ve gained from the steroids and chemotherapy. So far so good. I have been dealing with some symptoms of chemo withdrawal. It has been pretty up and down. Stomach issues, head aches, and body aches. I’m holding it together though. As for my mental issues they are still there a prevalent, but not as bad because I’m not taking any rounds of chemo. Anxiety and PTSD have been the lone pain in my ass. My memory and hands have been pretty good. So all in all I can’t argue too much.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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