Making a choice 02/18/14

Well kiddos I have made a pretty big decision in my cancer treatment today. If you know me you know I take everything to the absolute max when it comes to my treatments and strategies. I start up another cycle of Gemcitabine The first week of March then go for three weeks and on the fourth I have a scan to determine regression or progression. Then I am going to take what is called a “chemo holiday”. No chemotherapy for a certain amount of time to help my body recover. I am planning on two weeks off then a CT scan to determine if the cancer starts to grow again. If that CT scan determines nothing has changed then I will take another 2 weeks and start up again. If the scan at the end of March determines the cancer has grown again then I will stop the Gemcitabine and take a 3 week break. Then start up on Regorafenib as a last ditch resort to extend my life. As we all know I am a fairly tough as nails individual when it comes down to this cancer shit, but I am physically beat down, mentally drained and an emotional wreck. I just can’t keep up with it right now. At the end of my next cycle I will have been doing fairly aggressive treatments for nearly a year. 10 months with no break what so ever. If everything goes as good as I expect it to then we will continue after a month break and possibly adding on radiation to attack the stuff in my lungs on top of chemotherapy. The radiation will only happen if we develop a plan that is aggressive yet wont be too toxic for my body and the bleeding issues are solved. So lots going on, but for my well being and ability to be happy/healthy I need to do this. During the break I might also be heading to Pittsburgh to see Dr. Luketich about future surgeries and opinions. Road trip anyone?
While everything remains very bleak I’m holding out for some home run shots. It’s all I really have left. Thanks for the continued support. Please understand that things are very tough for me right now and I haven’t made it 12 years fighting this shit on bad choices.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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