Chemotherapy 02/04/14

Well kids Im starting round 6 of Gemcitabine. The cancer has slowed down and stopped growing in many spots. There has been significant change to two tumors in my lungs. The outlook is still very very bad but any little positive is something I’ll take. I did get ahold of my old thoracic surgeon Dr. Maddaus via email and he suggested a surgeon from The University of Pittsburgh James Luketich. Looking up this guys history and studies I can tell why Maddaus said he was the best he knew of to possibly help surgically down the road. Clearly, Im not an easy case and Maddaus would know best.
Other than that I have been sick with some sort of infection and stomach flu. So I had to go to the ER Sunday morning when things were really really bad. I received a script for a high end penicillin and some cough syrup. Oh Joy! I do feel much better though. Obviously, well enough to actually get chemotherapy today. I’m just scared of when the chemotherapy started to not work. What then? Unfortunately, that is what happens with gemcitabine and angiosarcoma. All of these things I think about often. They are quite scary but what can you do besides carry on and consider it as “business as usual”?


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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