Chemotherapy 11/26/13

Well Im sitting at Chemotherapy and Ive had nothing but a good week to report. I did have a few sick moments but considering everything I have been through last week was a good one. Thinking about how my week was pretty much just sleep and not much sick I was damn lucky. Add in the good results on the CT scan two weeks earlier and I am rolling into some good times. I’m banking on my chemo not being too bad this week since it is Thanksgiving. I better be able to wake up and stay awake during the Packers game at 11. They are a subject I am trying to avoid on these blogs since I will be able to bitch for a few days worth of blogging on them. Other than that turkey day will be nice and quiet otherwise. Just the folks and the dog enjoying the day. Then that night I am heading to Best Buy and getting a passport 1TB dump drive. My old one is dying out and I have too much shit on it to lose. Anyways, back to the cancer stuff. My health seems to be on the up and up. Energy is coming back. So I’m concerned that the chemotherapy has decided to stop working like the previous chemotherapy did. Nerve wracking but what can you do about it but carry on with the plan and find ways to deal with it. I’m going back to my cancer shrink in a couple of weeks to vent and discuss things. I have next week off of chemotherapy and then another 3 doses over 3 weeks. Then I will have NYE week off and another pivotal CT scan on January 3rd. The CT scan will be from my groin up to the top of my neck. Since my history of cancer is all over its just precautionary at this point. No, we do not think it has spread. Angiosarcoma can just pop up anywhere really. My first cancer was related to testicular cancer so its a general check up for that and a true check on my current situation. The Essiac tea has been what’s helping me out I swear it. Its not the greatest tasting thing because it tastes like some sort of nut. In the end if its doing what its claimed to be able to do then how can I argue? Anyways, the drugs are starting to hit me. Time to nap for a bit.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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