Ranting and Raving 11/18/13

Chemotherapy at 9am. Who else is looking forward to getting poisoned?
A few things I have to get off of my chest. There is a lot of things I have heard people saying or mumbling behind my back.
1.) I do not travel well at all. I generally only have 3-4 hours in a day that I physically feel good enough to be up and about. My days are mostly spent in bed sleeping or feeling like complete shit. And…rew Halverson can attest to that last week.
2.) I try to do things once or twice a month just to get out and do things. Being stuck at home or the hospital all day isn’t exactly fun but being broke and living by a daily planner is the way it goes.
3.) If you want to see me or want to kick it, Its time for you to road trip to me. I have driven to Eau Claire, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago enough over the last 7 years to see people. Quite frankly I’m done with traveling (past a special event planned in December). There are a few people exempt from this and you know who you are. I am just too tired and beat to hell. When hanging with me you have to understand that I get worn out very very easily.
4.) Yes, I don’t physically have the appearance of the “typical” cancer patient. I’m not losing massive amounts of weight. I have hair and a beard. I do have boosts of energy, but I also try really hard to not put on the appearance of being beat to shit so others don’t worry about it.
5.) I don’t go out hardly ever and if I do I’m sober. I don’t drink anymore because of all the drugs I’m on. Not a good idea when you have to pound down 12 different pills twice daily. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since I saw Wendy last so probably a month.
7.) Lastly, I ensure you all I am extremely sick with cancer. 99.9% chance of death. This isn’t like all the times before. I put on a very good face and say the right things but trust me when I say it isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be take as a piece of cake because of my previous experiences. I’m fighting like hell and trying everything I can for decent results. Scans like the last one aren’t supposed to happen and surgery is a less than 1% option. so trust me it is much more serious and I’m not in the mood for others to ignore the fact that this is something new and not the last two times.

Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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