Life 11/18/13

You know I am understanding more and more I have major physical issues. Most days I cannot be up and out of bed for more than a few hours. I hate it. Its no way anyone should live their life. I push myself everyday to get up and get going but chronic fatigue and chemotherapy symptoms really hit me hard throughout the day. Doesn’t help that this past week and weekend I’ve been fighting some sort of virus. Even with the antibiotics it is going away very very slowly. My lungs hurt just breathing and stairs are a bitch. I’ve also been dealing with flu symptoms from both the chemotherapy and virus. Its been pretty gross. I sweat through everything and have terrible cold chills. I’m hoping it’ll clear up soon. Tuesday is my next chemotherapy appointment and I intend on getting it. Surely, I will have Xrays of my lungs to look for pneumonia and what not.  Either way I don’t care. I’m ready to get poisoned again. I also started up on my Essiac Tea doses again. I swear that is the reason my tumors shrunk in size. I highly suggest people looking into it. Its a full body detox. The story behind it is quite interesting. It’s an Ojibwa health drink in orgin. Personally, The native American culture really simplifies things in life better than modern medicine. Too bad we live in a Capitalistic pig society. Anyways, That’s for another day.

Heres a link to learn about it:


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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