Primary Oncologist check up 11/12/13

The appointment with Robert Hegeman was great. I had to inform him of the test results and even he said it was a minor win. So here comes the comeback. Even he said I seem to do better when all of the chips are on the table and not in my favor. I don’t like being in that position but since it is a reoccurring theme it is easier to familiarize myself with the flow of the situation I guess. I am being set up with a genetic testing  consultant at UW Madison to help figure out the family history and if this disease is infact Li Fraumeni Syndrome or something else. I did get the indepth notes of Dr.Kozaks from our first meeting and I am going to scan them and post them up to show people how screwy things are. Otherwise, I am looking forward to meeting with her and sorting through everything.  I also set up a CT scan for about 2 months down the road on January 3rd. The CT scan will be from my testicles to shoulders since this cancer can appear anywhere and the first tumor I had (in 2002) was classified as a germ cell tumor which consists of left of cells in a males genitals and surrounding area. So its precautionary and out of interest.

Naturally, Dr. Hegeman and I began talking about the Packers woahs. I won’t begin a rant on that since it will be about a mile long. We also talked about the Brewers and the rumor of trading Aoki and how dumb that is despite the outfield depth. Ike Davis from the Mets for Aoki would be terrible and not cost efficient. atleast get Lucas Duda who will start. Another conversation for another day.

It was a good and constructive check up. I had chemotherapy on Monday so Wednesday and Thursday are the days I’ll really be hit with the symptoms. Good thing I’m on cloud nine right now.


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I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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