Chemotherapy 11/11/13

Well once again I am here at Mercy Hospital. Its been an interesting few days leading up to today. I’ve been dealing with some sort of virus that kicks my ass at night. Cold sweats, frozen to the bone, fever and so on. I’m still receiving my chemotherapy dosage despite my white blood count being abnormally high. I kinda smoozed her into giving me the dosage despite it. I also received the results of my CT scan from last Thursday. Good news in an otherwise difficult war. All tumors in my lungs have shrunk minimally. The 4 in my sternum and collarbone shrunk minimally as well. One of the 4 in my sternum has shrunk significantly. So this chemotherapy is having some sort of effect. About freaking time if you ask me. I’m still on the pure powdered green tea mix and drinking Essiac tea 3 times a day.  Basically, I’ve got to stay the course and keep plugging along. It’s refreshing to get some sort of good news after so much negative bullshit. I’ll also be tested for Li Fraumeni Syndrome sometime soon. So we will see if I carry this terrible chromosomal mutation. It’s a 20% chance. So clearly I’m hoping I don’t. It would be nice to have some sort of clue as to why I’ve been hit so hard past having some embryonic disease.

Man this has me jacked up. Once again doing things my way are showing signs of paying off.

TTMs Sent:

Peter O’Brien (Yankees prospect)

Craig Newsome (former Packer)


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