Symptoms suck 11/01/13

Well my symptoms have sucked pretty bad this time around. I don’t get it. I become so tired after getting the dosage but was unable to sleep for 40 straight hours. My doctors have no clue why this has happened to me the past two doses. Its so awful. Since then its been every 3-4 hours ill wake up, pee, walk around and then crash again. The flu like symptoms are more intense. Standing too long is not an option either. The restlessness and tingling in my hips and thighs seem to be more frequent as well. Despite all of this, I was able to make the hour and 15 minute drive to my grandmas house without incident. I went to the Filter show last night. I was so beat but Fight or Flight was awesome. Filter was a long time coming for me and it wasn’t disappointing. Check them off of my want to see list. It was worth dealing with the shitty symptoms. Thanks to The Rave for having spots to sit. That was a relief. So its nothing but trying to sleep and relax until Saturday night. My friend gave me a free ticket to the Milwaukee Bucks game. I’m not a NBA fan at all. I just have never been to a Bucks game. I’m also hoping to see my adorable niece and nephew at some point but I just don’t want to be sickly around the kids. They don’t need to know anything. Love those kids. OK have a good day everyone.


Author: itsjuicetime

I came. I saw. I probably created massive amounts of havoc.

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